Here at Scher Group, we offer our clients a plethora of services to meet their demands—and we do much more than just compile reports and prepare returns. Our skilled professionals are available to provide expert advice that will ensure financial peace of mind in your future.

Our complete suite of services coupled with today’s technology is designed to help you achieve all your financial goals easily and affordably. Please consider the following and choose what best serves your business needs:

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  • 19-01-2017

    As a small business owner in Boulder, if you have ever had to pay a large tax bill, you may have questioned how to reduce or eliminate it from happening again, legally. Tax planning for small business should happen more than just once a year. In fact, when done correctly, it is an ongoing process […]

  • 12-01-2017

    Nearly 500,000 small businesses exist in Colorado, and all of them are responsible for remitting taxes. Small business in Boulder are no exception, and face varying tax depending on the industry. That’s why using a professional early, rather than later, is critical to limiting fines, penalties or excessive end of year liabilities. Annual taxes are […]

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