• Year-End Tax Planning

    The window of opportunity for many tax-saving moves closes on December 31. So set aside some time to evaluate your tax situation now, while there’s still time to affect your bottom line for the current tax year. With that in mind, here are 10 things to consider as the curtain closes on 2011. 1. Deferring […]

  • What’s in the President’s Job Bill?

    President Barack Obama submitted his American Jobs Act to Congress on Monday, and among its provisions are several tax items, including a temporary payroll tax cut, a limit on itemized deductions for certain high-income taxpayers, and a proposal to tax carried interests as ordinary income rather than capital gains. The proposed bill follows the president’s […]

  • It’s 10PM: do you know where your bookkeeper is?

    1/31/11: A local bookkeeper accused of stealing $760,000. 1/24/11: A local bookkeeper accused of forging $160,000 worth of checks. 11/26/10: A former A/P clerk accused of stealing $590,871 from a local university. 7/02/10: A local bookkeeper convicted of stealing $230,000 for her employer. (for or from?) It seems like every couple of months there is […]

  • Additional Tax Relief

    The recently enacted “Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010” is a sweeping tax package that includes, among many other items, an extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for two years, estate tax relief, a two-year “patch” of the alternative minimum tax (AMT), a two-percentage-point cut in employee-paid payroll taxes and […]


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  • 19-01-2017

    As a small business owner in Boulder, if you have ever had to pay a large tax bill, you may have questioned how to reduce or eliminate it from happening again, legally. Tax planning for small business should happen more than just once a year. In fact, when done correctly, it is an ongoing process […]

  • 12-01-2017

    Nearly 500,000 small businesses exist in Colorado, and all of them are responsible for remitting taxes. Small business in Boulder are no exception, and face varying tax depending on the industry. That’s why using a professional early, rather than later, is critical to limiting fines, penalties or excessive end of year liabilities. Annual taxes are […]

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